Paying Volunteers

Get ‘hands on’ in conservation and work with some of the rarest species in the world.

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We're looking for professionals to help us in our conservation mission!



Play a part in the rescue and rehabilitation of confiscated carnivores and pangolins from the illegal hunting and wildlife trade. You will:

  • Get a rare opportunity to see and work with some of the rarest species in Asia
  • Take part in all aspects of life at SVW with a team of people who are making a difference for wildlife
  • Learn basic husbandry skills to care for pangolin and small carnivores
  • Gain an insight into conservation issues faced in Vietnam, and what’s being done to save our wildlife

Our volunteer program offers an intimate experience (we only take a few volunteers at time) for those who want to get their hands on real conservation work.

At Save Vietnam’s Wildlife you will play a part in the rescue and rehabilitation of confiscated pangolins, binturongs, leopard cats and several species of palm civets.

  • 16 years of age or older
  • current checked with our required vaccinations:

+ Tuberculosis (TB) test
* Negative within the last year
+ Rabies
* Series of three
* Titer check if vaccinated in the last 2 years
+ Measles-Mups-Rubella (MMR)
+ Hepatitis A
+ Hepatitis B
+ Tetanus

  • physically fit
  • minimum commitment of 1 week
  • ability to speak basic English
  • good sense of humor

1 – 2 weeks


per week

3 – 6 weeks


per week

> 7 weeks


per week

All volunteers are required to pay for their time here.

The money covers your accommodation and food costs. All meals will be covered at a local restaurants.

You will have a room to yourself at Cuc Phuong National Park.

Any money left over from your stay is used for materials for enclosure upgrades, food for the animals and materials for the captive program. It is ensured that all volunteer donations go directly back into the wellbeing of the rescued animals.


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“To have been a part of the Save Vietnam’s Wildlife team, even if only for a month, has been one of the most enriching and energizing experiences of my life. On a physical level, working with a suite of new species such as owston’s civets and pangolins was hugely satisfying as I came to learn their eccentric and enchanting natures. But if there was one key thing I took back with me, it was hope. As we worked late into the night offloading and health checking yet another load of pangolins confiscated from the trade, the scale of the situation can seem bleak. But the devotion, the care and the never give-up, always improve of the team at SVW was a phenomenal light in a dark place – to witness it, to be a part of it, is a feeling I hope many more can experience in their lives,”

Peter CooperEngland

“Ever since I discovered that Pangolins existed I have been passionate about their conservation. When I started following SVW I could tell immediately that they were at the forefront of Asian Pangolin conservation. As an animal care professional I knew the only likelihood I had of working with these wonderfully weird creatures was by volunteering with SVW. So I started saving up and set up a fundraiser called #PostcardsForPangolins where I raised £400! When I arrived at SVW my beliefs were confirmed and you can see through all the amazing work SVW are doing that they truly care about wildlife conservation and are 100% genuine. If you want to volunteer somewhere that actually makes a difference to the world, chose SVW.
I'll never forget the first real life Pangolin I saw and neither will you!”

Joss Presdee, UKVolunteered 5 weeks in 2018

“My time at Save Vietnam's Wildlife was really fulfilling and interesting. Cleaning enclosures and preparing food for the animals was hard work at times but it also gave me the opportunity to see animals close-up, and learn about how they are cared for in captivity. I was also lucky enough to be allowed to watch some animal health checks and assist with a couple of rescue operations and a release. Volunteering with SVW will give you a great insight into a range of on-ground conservation issues, all whilst working with a friendly, fun and supportive team and getting to experience Vietnamese village life. I'd definitely recommend volunteering here.”

Laura Ealing, Australia

“My volunteering coincided with the release of sixteen Sunda pangolins back home to the wild and the opening of the newly built Carnivore and Pangolin Education Centre. To say that the experience was magical and surreal is an understatement. Being part of the team at the centre in the Cuc Phuong National Park was such an awesome experience and I recommend it to anyone wanting to make a difference in this world. I intend to return the centre to further experience the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of the Vietnams precious pangolins.”

Elizabeth Grasso, Australia

“Spiders, strange insects, hot weather, the language barrier, rice at every meal ... that all the things that worried me before leaving. And I all found in Vietnam! But I do it again a hundred times, so this experience was incredible. Already because I've survived all these little fears I had, but mainly because I have been part of a dedicated team. Although I used to work with animals in the zoo, this experience was new. The goal is not the same, and this, I felt it in the passion of each member of this team. They don't count the hours and efforts, the motivation they will seek it in every win they earn. Whether a call from the police (who discovers pangolins in bags during a seizure) or from a leopard cat and a civet released in nature. The work they do is amazing, and I can only thank them for allowing me to take part. These 3 weeks were unforgettable.”

Marine Duce, France


Our professional volunteer program is for skilled professionals who can help us implement specific projects.

Professional volunteers are waived the normal volunteer costs and pay only for their food and accommodation (which in Vietnam is low).

We offer limited opportunities for professional volunteers to come and help us out at SWV. Keep an eye on our this web page and our facebook page for professional volunteer opportunities!




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