Animal adoptions

Help save a species in danger of extinction for as little as $50 USD


Adopt Polly

Help save the critically endangered pangolin for $50 USD


Bảo trợ Polly

Hãy giúp cứu lấy loài tê tê cực kỳ nguy cấp chỉ với 50 đô la!


Adopt Mr. B

Help save the vulnerable binturong for $50 USD


Bảo trợ Mr. B

Hãy giúp cứu lấy loài Cầy mực chỉ với 50 đô la!


Adopt a palm civet


Adopt Dai Lai

Help save the leopard cats for $50 USD


Bảo trợ Đại lải

Hãy giúp cứu lấy loài Mèo rừng chỉ với 50 đô la!


Bảo trợ Động vật

Hãy giúp cứu một loài động vật có nguy cơ bị tuyệt chủng chỉ với 50 đô la!

Releasing animals doesn’t happen overnight and unfortunately our educational animals aren’t ever going to be released due to the injuries they have suffered as victims of the illegal wildlife trade. With your symbolic adoption, you will support us to provide excellent care for the animals of your adopted species. This can include fresh food, environmental enrichment, veterinary supplies and care and materials for enclosure maintenance.

Animal Adoptions

Animal adoptions are a special way to help your favorite animal
and also a great gift to give as a present to your loved ones.

When you adopt an animal, you will receive a digital package including; an adoption-certificate with a photo of your animal, a book with the animal stories of our animals, a factsheet and have your name listed in our monthly newsletter.

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Help save an animal in danger of extinction for as little as $50 USD

Our aim is to return all our animals to their wildlife homes. However some animals have been so injured by the wildlife trade, they remain in our care permanently. Your symbolic adoption supports SVW efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats and may also be used toward pre-release rehabilitation or reintroduction.


Your donations help us maintain our rescue, education, advocacy and research programs.
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