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Bảo trợ Đại lải

Hãy giúp cứu lấy loài Mèo rừng chỉ với 50 đô la!

Help save the leopard cat:
It’s a wild animal not a pet.

Leopard cat

Leopard cats (Felis bengalensis) are a wild cat hunted and traded for their fur and for the pet trade. They are becoming increasingly vulnerable in Vietnam.

In the wild they are nocturnal hunters, eating rodents, frogs, insects, lizards and fish. They sleep in trees, often high in the canopy and their fur colour changes based on local environmental conditions.

About Đại Lải

Đại Lải was transferred from the Vinh Phuc Forest Protection Department in 2008 and was the first leopard cat to be rescued by the CPCP/ SVW. A farmer found her and voluntarily handed her over to the local authority.
Only about three weeks old and weighing 290 grams, Đại Lải needed special care so the keepers fed her with milk and checked her health and physical condition every day. Đại Lải is now an active cat and often walks around her enclosure to keep an eye on everything.
Bringing rescued wild animals to animal protection organizations and rescue centers helps those individuals to live in the most suitable conditions.

When you symbolically adopt Đại Lải for one year, you are helping to save the Leopard Cat – a wild species of cat that is now threatened in Vietnam. For 50 USD, you can support our work rescuing, rehabilitating and returning critically endangered wildlife back to safe wild habitats.

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For your fifty dollars

You will receive a digital leopard cat pack containing:

  • adoption-certificate with a photo of Đại Lải
  • book with the stories of our education animals
  • factsheet about the critically endangered pangolin
  • your name listed in the monthly newsletter

You can also adopt on behalf of a friend or as a group!

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If you want to adopt Đại Lải on behalf of a friend or as a group, please fill in the name you want to have on the certificate.

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When you adopt Đại Lải, you will help to feed and care for our leopard cats that are unfit for return to the wild and help us rehabilitate and return other leopard cats to the wild. Your adoption last for one year.



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