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Bảo trợ Mr. B

Hãy giúp cứu lấy loài Cầy mực chỉ với 50 đô la!

Help save the vulnerable binturong:
the kings and queens of the night!


Sometimes known as a bearcat, binturongs are neither bear nor cat: binturongs belong to the Viverridae family and are the largest civets in Vietnam. They are known for their incredible fur and their prehensile tail. Binturongs have scent glands that emit a wonderful odor that smells like buttered popcorn. Binturongs are carnivores but mainly eat fruit.

Binturongs are skilled climbers and usually live high in the forest canopy. Unfortunately development, deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade has reduced the ‘kings and queens of the night’ to vulnerable status in Vietnam.

About Mr. B

Mr B came to live with us after he was confiscated from a local hotel where he had been kept as an “attraction”. Before he was rescued Mr. B lived in cage just over one square metre in size for 14 years and had lost his innate and instinctive climbing ability. When Mr B first arrived, he only walked on the ground in his new large enclosure. We needed to teach Mr B how to climb, placing bits of food higher and higher in the trees in his enclosure. He now climbs very well and also enjoys the little pool in his enclosure.

Your symbolically adopt Mr. B for one year, you will help save the binturong – the largest of the threatened civet species in Vietnam. For 50 USD, you can support our work rescuing, rehabilitating and returning critically endangered wildlife back to safe wild habitats.

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For your fifty dollars

You will receive a digital binturong pack containing:

  • adoption-certificate with a photo of Mr. B
  • book with the stories of our education animals
  • factsheet about the critically endangered pangolin
  • your name listed in the monthly newsletter

You can also adopt on behalf of a friend or as a group!

Adopt Mr. B

If you want to adopt Mr. B on behalf of a friend or as a group, please fill in the name you want to have on the certificate.

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When you symbolically adopt Mr. B, you will help to feed and care for our binturong that are unfit for return to the wild and help us rehabilitate and return other animals to the wild.  Your adoption will last for one year.


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