Job Description

Position needed: Veterinarian

Place of work: Cuc Phuong National Park

Report to: Veterinary Manager  

Working time: Permanent position

Expected starting date: As soon as possible

Salary: Compensated based on experience 


  • Provide medical services for animals at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife
  • Diagnose disease, provide treatments and intensive care as needed to pangolins and carnivores
  • Follow protocols and aid in updating them as necessary
  • Be on-call for emergencies at the rescue center
  • Manage diet recommendations and work with abroad wildlife nutritionist to provide optimum nutrition 
  • Advocate for animal welfare as top priority in all cases
  • Recordkeeping both manually and in ZIMS database for every case
  • Operate and maintain the veterinary clinic along with maintenance and quality controls of all equipment
  • Organize consumable supply budget and inventory with teammates 
  • Necropsy all deceased individuals and seek cause of death
  • Aid in team efforts to improve both in-house and send out diagnostics 
  • Work to enhance the capacity with the veterinary laboratory at Vietnam University of Agriculture Veterinary Medicine
  • Organize preventative measures to control/ limit disease outbreak in the center
  • Aid in education for captive team when dealing with potential zoonotic diseases
  • Participate in Rapid Response Team by preparing medical supplies at the time of the call to rescue. Provide medical care on site as needed to confiscated animals. 
  • Participate in improving the daily functions and operations of the veterinary clinic 
  • Aim to improve health care for non-releasable, ambassador animals
  • Work with keepers to ensure animals are receiving the best possible care and train them as needed to improve quality. Respect the keepers’ experience and job and work together to accomplish results. 
  • Aid in Disease Risk Analysis

Unique Opportunities:

  • Help save some of Vietnam’s most threatened native species from extinction
  • Provide care for animals that have suffered immensely and work to alleviate their pain and put them back into protected wild habitat through our rehabilitation program 
  • Learn professional skills from highly experienced teammates
  • Participate in regularly scheduled capacity building projects for wildlife veterinary medicine.
  • Travel internationally and nationally for training and continued education each year. Present our work to colleagues around the world. 
  • Find your place in the conservation medicine world!


  • Vietnamese Nationality
  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Veterinary Science
  • Highly-motivated and strong interest in learning
  • Positive attitude
  • Work well with team and volunteers
  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Further Information:

  • Prepare to work in high-stress environment 
  • Must be flexible in work schedule due to unknown daily changes
  • Be prepared to withstand working conditions that evoke compassion fatigue and burnout. Come prepared to learn coping mechanisms and create a strong bond with veterinary team for support system. 
  • May be required to work long shifts with few breaks during rescues, releases and over-capacity situations
  • Will be expected to support the multi-species rescue center in Pu Mat even after a veterinarian is hired there. 
  • May support the Endangered Primate Rescue Center and/or the Turtle Conservation Center

How to apply:

Email your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter with title “Application for Vet position” to address: & 

Deadline: 30 September 2019

Phone number for contact: 02293 848 053

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