After the successful partnership with Highlands Coffee to support pangolins, this time we are working with in order to produce a fashionably T-shirt to help raise awareness and fund for the binturongs – one of the native carnivores in Vietnam.

Binturongs are known for their black, beautiful fur with white stripes which give them a vivid, grizzled look. They also have impressive long tails used to keep balance while climbing. Within several decades, binturongs in Vietnam has witnessed a serve Habitat loss and degradation as well as being hunted for meat, fur and scent glands.


Mr. B and Mrs. B are two lucky ones. The two binturongs rescued by our center in 2007 and 2010 but could not be released since he was kept in captive environment for too long and she had a serious injury in her front paws caused by snare traps. They both were taken care by our keepers and gradually re-gain their strength and normal behaviors such as climbing trees. Now, they are living in the beautiful enclosure area of our Education Center as the ambassador of their species, to help send out the messages about wildlife conservation in Vietnam to thousands of visitors.

Inspired by their stories, we collaborated with to design and produce the Binturong T-shirt to give the young generation a chance to learn more about wildlife and contribute to the conservation efforts some by purchasing.

Officially, the Binturong T-shirt can be found in BOO’s online store or two showrooms in Hanoi (one at 133 Thái Hà, Đống Đa and one at AEON MALL Long Biên). With every purchase, one donated 100.000 VND to help us save pangolins and other carnivores in Vietnam.

Grab one here!