Monday 14 November 2016, Cuc Phuong National Park and Save Vietnam’s Wildife released 46 Sunda Pangolins to a safe and secret location where this specie used to live.

After surviving a cruel ordeal in the illegal wildlife trade, these pangolins have a second chance of life.


This release is the largest ever safe release of pangolins by the rescue center. Most of the pangolins released were from a confiscation In Thai Binh province, where government authorities seized a truck containing 61 live pangolins packed in ice and 37 Big-headed turtlesNine of the confiscated pangolins died due to injuries sustained in the illegal trade, while others are still recovering at the CPCP. Forty –two pangolins passed health checks and were micro-chipped prior to release.

Executive Director of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Mr Thai Van Nguyen noted: “Due to improved co-operation with enforcement authorities, we are receiving record number of pangolins. But rescue and release is only part of the picture, we must improve enforcement, stop consumption or this precious species will be another Vietnamese species lost to the illegal wildlife trade.”

Head keeper Hung Tat Luong who lead one of the release teams stated. “We are now getting so many pangolins, we are building new facilities to cope with the influx. We see many pangolins die from the illegal trade. It is so senseless and cruel. But it wonderful to see the lucky ones returned to their forest homes”

Pangolins are the most traded animals in the world. Vietnam has two species (Sunda Pangolin and Chinese Pangolin) and both species are critically endangered, which means both are in imminent threat of becoming extinct in the wild. This latest release will bring to a total of 99 Sunda Pangolins successfully released by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in the last three months.