One week in CPNP with SVW staff taught me that everyone of us has to take action to protect wild animals, even in a small way before it’s too late. I am a young Vietnamese with my friends, other volunteers, committed to raising my voice to protect Vietnamese wonderful nature and animals!

My idol is Jean Jacques Rousseau , a philosopher, who says: “The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years but the one with the richest experiences”. Thanks to his inspiration, I always want to take part in as many as social activities that I can, so that I have more opportunities to experience myself. Becoming one of the 114 volunteers for the project “Research and Assess the Reality of Pangolin Trade and Consumption in Vietnam” conducted by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) and Humane Society International (HSI) is a great chance for me to do that.

To become a volunteer, all of us were trained by SVW staff to be able to interview and find suitable areas across Vietnam to conduct the social surveys. After that, during our summer vacation, our team travelled in both city and countryside to meet and interview local people. In some first days, we found it so hard to persuade them to help us because people worried that they and their families will be in trouble if helping us even we already provided them all the document that prove we are SVW’s volunteers and their personal information will be kept safely. Another difficulty that have challenged us is the weather and the terrain of the interviewed areas, which all take us more time to finish the interview process. However, after interviewing many people, we found that we have to keep meeting people who misunderstood about pangolins to provide them the exact information about this incredible animal.

Time flew and the last interview was conducted, announcing that it’s time to say goodbye everyone and the new semester starts at school. We all remember the happy time we have together, sharing the same mission — to protect pangolins!

My love of pangolins was bigger during the summer. I also wanted to help out the SVW staff so I decided to travel from Can Tho city to Cuc Phuong Nationa Park (CPNP), Ninh Binh to input data for a week. A week working with SVW staff was so wonderful. Besides working in the office, I was shown around the rehabilitation centre to take care of the animals in the nighttime. I watched by my own eyes the pangolin mum and pup hang around to looking for food, Mr.B the binturong climb in high branches and jump from trees to trees, from which I understand the hard work that SVW is doing at CPCP.