Thanks to the support from Humane Society International, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife has launched a research on pangolin hunting, trading, and consumption, which is called “Research and Assess the Reality of Pangolin Trade and Consumption in Vietnam”. To help conduct surveys with local people in 15 cities/provinces in Vietnam, we recruited and trained 114 volunteers from across Vietnam.

The volunteers were gathered in three cities, Hue (June 27th), Ho Chi Minh (June 29th), Hanoi (July 5th) for training course focussing on ‘soft skills’, wildlife knowledge and research methodology to be able to work with local people for the surveys.

At the training course, the volunteers learned about Save Vietnam’s Wildlife activities, the wildlife situation in Vietnam, the purpose of the research project, communication skills and photography skills. Hoang The Trung, a student studying at the Forestry University of Vietnam shared: “We have a great time with SVW staff. They taught us many skills that we need to conduct the research and for our future job”.

After training, the volunteers were divided into 15 small groups, each group has a team leader who directly liaises between the group and SVW about the surveys. Questionnaires and other documents were provided to all of them.

These volunteers were selected among nearly 500 initial applicants from many universities and colleges in Vietnam. Their contribution plays a crucial role in the success of the research project that is an important step to creating Vietnam’s Pangolin Action plan and to help identify the target audience for awareness campaigns.