We attended an environmental festival in Hanoi hosted by Boo Environment. The event, which attracted over 6,000 young Hanoians, encouraged festivalgoers to help save pangolins, take care of nature, whilst raising the profile of current wildlife and environmental issues.

One of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s goals in attending the event was to raise the profile of the pangolin and empower people to take action to conserve the species. Festivalgoers were invited to view a short video on the plight of pangolin which was looped on video-screen, offered pangolin-themes postcards and leaflets. Nearly 1000 young Hanoians answered the call to fight for pangolins, the world’s most trafficked mammal signing their name on pledge-boards and committing to act to protect one of their country’s most incredible animals.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife created an interactive information booth displaying informational graphics, posters, video footage, and fielded many questions from people interested in contributing to saving Vietnam’s precious wildlife. Thousands of people stopped by, with nearly two thousand wildlife postcards, posters, and calendars given out to festivalgoers. Particularly popular were Save Vietnam’s Wildlife stickers (spotted on proud faces and arms throughout the event) and games designed to get contestants thinking about wildlife identification and threats.

The attendance at Boo Environment’s festival, as well as the response to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife presence by festivalgoers was heartening, and further spreads the message of wildlife conservation in Vietnam.