Save Vietnam’s Wildlife worked together with Cuc Phuong National Park to successfully release four Common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) into Cuc Phuong National Park. This brings the total number of civets that have been released back into the forest to 14 after 10 Common palm civets had been previously released on 15th July.

A common issue with civets from civet farms is the poor conditions they live in. This results in a poor state of health and often severe physical injuries to their tails and ears. With the professional assistance of WCS and AAF veterinarians they received proper care and regained their health prior to release. The remaining civets will be released once they too have reached optimum health.These civets have received five months of rehabilitation at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife. They were amongst 18 that were captured for the production of civet coffee by local people in Lam Dong Province since 2011. The owner decided to voluntarily hand over these civets to Lam Dong Forest Protection Department and then they were transferred safely to the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP) of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in May 2014.

Although Common palm civets are not listed in the Vietnam Red Book, populations of this species are steadily declining in the wild. They are commonly hunted and traded for meat, their musk. and for civet coffee production. To protect this species effective conservation methods need to be applied and wildlife farms are unacceptable option for wildlife conservation in Vietnam.

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